Started a 24/7 Live Stream

By VeeFergie | Nov 19, 2022

So today I launched a 24/7 live stream on my YouTube channel called ‘VeeFergie’ and named it VeeFergie Radio. Had some trouble getting the ‘Now Playing’ and ‘Follow me on Social Media’ widgets to work but it is now live. 


I plan on fine tuning it a bit later and of course add new music to the playlist every Friday. Is this sustainable? Maybe but hey it should get a little bit easier. Anyways for now I have my 3 albums along with some tracks from Harris Heller's Steam Beats till I start churning out new music.


In the coming week, I also plan to start live-streaming again on my VeeFergieTime and VeeFergieTV channels on YouTube of course, but first thing first I have to do a doctor's appointment and make sure all is well with me; overall I'm feeling fine, but I need to make sure I'm just having trouble with GERD and the typical problems with being over 40.

I'll try and get on some over the weekend and a little bit on Monday before having to start drinking the “Go Go to the toilet” juice.


Anyways take care and have a great weekend,



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