The Untimely Dead Season 2 Episode 1 The Iron Skillet Mac-N-Cheese

Our wraiths remember what being hungry feels like and stop for a bite, after waking up in a WHOLE NEW LIFE… What do they do with it next?


Podcast For The Untimely Dead is an actual play featuring Wraith: The Oblivion

Disclaimer: The Podcast of The Untimely Dead is set in Wraith: The Oblivion a dark game setting in the modern time following death with that mature and serious topics may emerge along with language and suggestive themes.
They do keep it lighthearted though, feel free to hate the characters but not the actor playing the character. If you need to step away please do so. Please do not sit through something that is problematic for you.

If you enjoyed the episode 1 The Iron Skillet Mac N Cheese of this new season then please leave a comment here or on the podcast itself. Please give these two wonderful people a follow on their twitter as it really helps out.

StoryTeller: DioxiaRio

The Podcast of The Untimely Dead Artist: EldritchDream


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