Roll the Role Presents Monster of the Week|Lake Wonder| Session 6|Finale

Roll the Role presents the game system Monster of the Week in Lake Wonder Session 5 Monster of the Week takes the supernatural and applies it to modern times.

Five teenagers in a small mountain town in upper Washington are brought together by the oddities in their town and will uncover a secret that not even they could have predicted.

Mina @Msunuki as Edgar (Eddy) Anderson: An introverted scare boy who is best friends with Gabby’s younger sister Bridget. Dad owns the local comic book shop.

Corinne @ManicPixiGirl as Phoebe Phillips: A bit of a know it all and conspiracy theorist. She runs the ‘Keep Lake Wonder Weird’ Blog and trolls Billy and Penny’s blogs.

Bevan @BevanMcC as William (Billy Blathers: Goes to the Private Tech School and doesn’t believe in supernatural stuff. Runs the ‘Wonder Gazzette’ Blog and trolls Phoebe and Penny’s Blogs.

VeeFergie @VeeFergie as Gabriella (Gabby) Greer: The mean girl of the High School. Dad is a Science Fiction author of some renown. Works in the Comic Book Shop with Eddy.

Robin @DioxiaRio as Penelope (Penny) Widget: Has a vlog called ‘Money Penny’s Monster Manual’ frenemies with Phoebe. They compete to get the best story. She has a dog named Sam.

Cody @CodyRole as Keeper: He the GM. He runs all the things!

Currently, the Campaign was streamed live Friday nights at 10:00 pm EST on RollTheRole’s Twitch Channel  

RollTheRole’s YouTube Channel


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