Roll the Role Presents D&D 5E Scarred Lands| The Ring of Spiragos

While I’ve been having a blast being involved with the Lake Wonder campaign I got invited to be in a guest spot for two episodes, after learning the setting was by The Onyx Path Publishing I gladly accepted and prepared my gnome named Slambiss for amped-up glorious chaos!

“Roll the Role in Partnership with TheOnyxPath present a Scarred Lands Adventure for the World’s most recognized TTRPG Dungeons and Dragons. Run by DM Bevan and consists of a rotating cast and main cast players alike. We hope you enjoy!”

Enjoyed I did! Up till now, all I’ve played in DND 5th edition is the Barbarian and Sorceror classes and I’ve always been curious to try to multiclass something. Gotta say I really enjoyed the Barbarian/Monk combo.

I really enjoyed getting to work with the cast in these two episodes and looking forward to working with them on future projects.

Adam as Ibrahm
ManicPixiGirl as Ssyusa
Zondak2 as Masrak
vicnedel02 as Solemn
TheSimulacrae as Cobaya
VeeFergie as Slambiss
BevanMcC as GM


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